Inspired by the ocean, Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge, overlooks the beautiful west coast of Barbados.

Exuding sophistication and comfort in a seductive setting Drift welcomes those looking to enjoy a drink in the ideal atmosphere to unwind or celebrate.  Whether it’s a date, a get-together or a corporate event Drift is the perfect place to enjoy in style, meet in comfort, and visit time and time again.

Selective with its wines and original with its cocktails Drift has also created a delectable light menu which is both thoughtful and simple.

So sit by the ocean, grab a drink and drift till late.

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Every Thursday

12th March 2018

March 26th 2018


Abstract Expressions by Gail Oelmann from 25th February

My creative process is about making connections to the joy & beauty of my surrounding and to make art that stirs the soul and evokes feelings.

My paintings are created through expressions which are completely organic and spontaneous. What emerges on the canvas is a language that is highly emotional and personal, yet at the same time can trigger something very different for the viewer, each time a piece is viewed.

My inspiration comes from the sea with its colours, movement and power.  Using color as language, my work is alive with emotion through the movement of the paint and the luscious layered colors and texture.  

Living on the island of Barbados since 1995, I am surrounded by the never-ending wonder & beauty of the ocean and a bounty of colorful flora. My art is a tribute to this beauty through these Abstract Expressions.




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Drift is Open

From 5 pm each day until late.

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