Inspired by the ocean, Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge, overlooks the beautiful west coast of Barbados.

Exuding sophistication and comfort in a seductive setting Drift welcomes those looking to enjoy a drink in the ideal atmosphere to unwind or celebrate.  Whether it’s a date, a get-together or a corporate event Drift is the perfect place to enjoy in style, meet in comfort, and visit time and time again.

Selective with its wines and original with its cocktails Drift has also created a delectable light menu which is both thoughtful and simple.

So sit by the ocean, grab a drink and drift till late.

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Thursday 28th June

29th June 2018

August 27th 2018


The Rainbow Is Enough by Shara Spencer from 8th July 2018
A celebration of colour, the rainbow is enough exhibition at Drift combines a wide array of vibrant shades. Relax to cool calming tones and bask in scorching hot hues, as the exhibition combines abstract, landscapes, portraits and imaginative compositions to celebrate the rainbow in all its brilliant glory.  
About the Artist!
Shara is an 'acrylic on canvas' kind of girl and loves painting, writing and chocolate!  She likes bright and beautiful things (like the rainbow) and tries her best to capture beauty in her artwork. She has created a diverse range of pieces - some inspired by the landscapes around her, some inspired by african art, and some from her heart and soul (and things that make her smile). She believes that you can find art in everyday life and that everyone should have something beautiful.



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From 5 pm each day until late.

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